International Kadampa Festival Summer 2004 ~ Practice

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The prevailing theme of Geshe-la's teachings was how easy it is to practice Dharma purely.

All we need is to develop a pure view and a pure intention and then put that into practice in our daily lives.

In particular, Geshe-la stressed the importance of viewing others as precious and developing a strong intention to cherish them in everything we do.

And it works!

We saw it work during the two weeks we were together as, through the force of Geshe-la's blessings, the Festival became the practice.

Being with three thousand people all sincerely striving to cherish others more than themselves was an extraordinary experience. It was a glimpse of the Pure Land.

Throughout the Festival the rarest sight was an unhappy face and the rarest sound an angry voice.

Despite the fact that we were far from the comforts and convenience of our own homes, and despite the fact that mother nature took the opportunity to deluge us with the worst summer storms in living memory, everybody stayed remarkably happy and positive — and kindness was in abundance.

It became infectious. The more you showed consideration for others, the better you felt!

During those special days we lived in a pure Kadampa society — and it was wonderful.

If three thousand people can do it, why can't thirty thousand, three hundred thousand, three million . . . ?

When, at the end of the Festival, Geshe-la encouraged us to dedicate all our merit to the flourishing of Kadam Dharma throughout the world, it wasn't difficult to get behind that thought!