International Kadampa Festival Summer 2004 ~ Postscript

Each year the Festival ends with a dramatic presentation of the Life of Buddha enacted by Kadampa students.

Click on the button above to watch a brief slide show of this year's play. (A full video of the play will be published soon.)

Such is the power and practicality of Geshe-la's teachings that the end of the Festival is a time not of sadness but of joy — a time to take the next step on the path.

The clarity of his advice on how to integrate the teachings into our daily lives gives us confidence to go back into the world strengthened and nourished, with a renewed determination to apply the wisdom and compassion of Buddha to every situation we meet.

And the fact that there is a network of nearly 800 Kadampa centers and groups around the world, each with a qualified Teacher trained by Geshe-la, as well as a superb collection of his books readily available, means that none of us need ever feel distant from Geshe-la — or from the global Kadampa family.

Even so, we all left, as Geshe-la recommended, carrying a strong intention to meet again at the next Festival.

Hope you will be able to join us!