International Kadampa Festival Summer 2004 ~ Location

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Manjushri Centre is a very special place.

It is the Spiritual home of Geshe Kelsang, who lived and taught there for many years, and the Mother Center of modern Kadampa Buddhism.

Being there with Geshe-la and thousands of his disciples is a deeply moving and empowering experience — it  is like being at the center of a mandala.

The combination of the old Gothic building and modern Kadampa Temple, the juxtaposition of the acres of wooded grounds with the vast sweeping sands of Morecambe Bay, the charm of the neighboring market town of Ulverston, and the breathtaking beauty of the surrounding Lake District National Park all add to the fascination and delight of your visit.

Each year, the local people extend a warm welcome to the Festival visitors, and for two weeks the local guest houses, cafes, and shops are teeming with Kadampas!

The Summer Festival also includes a free day to give visitors a chance to explore the Lake District, with bus and boat trips arranged for those who wish.

Manjushri Centre also hosts the annual Spring Festival, and in between festivals offers a full program of courses and study programs.

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